10 Best Nickelodeon Live-Action Shows

9. Zoey 101

Zoey101 09Series Run: 2005-2008 (65 episodes) Zoey 101, also known as the show with Britney Spears's sister that ended after Jamie Lynn got pregnant at 16, was unabashedly a show about privilege. It takes place at a fantasy boarding school that was recently all-male which now allows females in order to have sub-plots about dating. It's basically The OC for pre-teens, and like The OC it is sudsy and stupid fun. It's probably the least beloved Dan Schneider show, but it still features his trademark silly fun. At Pacific Coast Academy, kids get to live out the ultimate dream: having essentially unlimited funds to do whatever they want free from the punitive restrictions associated with having parents. It's basically showing how awesome it is to be wealthy, unless your parents are obscenely wealthy like Logan's, in which case you should be made fun of for having more money than everyone else. No one is left out, even the weirdo science geek Quinn who makes a lot of useless inventions is a friend, so there isn't a lot of conflict. But it was still enjoyable enough, and it deserved to be recognized on this list.
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