10 Best Obscure Literary References In Archer


Master Spy Sterling Archer is dashing, dangerous, drunken, and overly educated? Archer is a rare gem among American animated television shows. Not only does it contain the foul-mouthed adolescent sex humour we have come to love, but also blends in seamlessly obscure literary references with subtle dialogue or the occasional heavy handed over explanation. Agent Sterling Archer proves in each dangerous ISIS orchestrated mission that he has not only intensely studied The Art of Seduction and the Kama Sutra, but many other great works of literary genius as well. While €œliterally€ every episode contains some reference to literature or literary concepts, we have narrowed the list down to ten obscure fan favorites. We have also included which episode the reference can be found in for quick reference when one needs to wow their friends with a blend of television and literary knowledge. Spoiler Warning: If you have not delved into every episode through the season 4 finale of Archer some of these references may be plot spoilers.

10. William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

CryHavocArcher Which Episode It Can Be Found In: Placebo Effect Sterling Archer is not known for simply accepting the horrible consequences of his drunken and unhealthy life choices. After discovering that he is dying from breast cancer, as well as a complete lack of real cancer drugs for treatment, Archer makes a misquoted reference to a line from William Shakespeare's historical play Julius Caesar. Lana Kane, his fellow agent, is thankfully able to clear up the actual line for him before Archer embarks on a full roaring revenge rampage. Archer: Cry havoc and let slip the hogs of war! Lana: Dogsof war... Archer: Whatever farm animal of war, Lana! Shut up! Though he misquotes the line, Archer does get his violent intentions across.
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