10 Best Obscure Literary References In Archer

9. George Orwell's Animal Farm

ArcherSpaceRaceWhich Episode It Can Be Found In: Space Race At the end of the third season of Archer, ISIS is tasked with helping to discover what horrible fate has befallen the crew of a research space station. The ISIS team arrives to find the crew scattered and fighting for their lives. While referencing the bleak and muddled state of affairs on the space station they have been sent to rescue, Archer seems to have a difficult time understanding that his fellow agents are not discussing an actual group of farm animals. Archer: Wait, there are animals? Lana: No, Animal Farm. Cyril: How do you not get that? Archer: No, I know what an animal farm is. Cyril: Not an animal farm. Archer: Maybe we can stampede a flock of goats down the hall. Lana: ANIMAL FARM IS A BOOK! Archer: No, it€™s not Lana. It€™s an allegorical novella about Stalinism by George Orwell, and spoiler alert, IT SUCKS. This is not the only time Animal Farm is referenced in the show, but one of the most blatant.
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