10 Best Person Of Interest Episodes

Their numbers are up, but these outstanding Person of Interest episodes are anything but irrelevant!

person of interest

Person of Interest was an incredible programme. Featuring brilliant explorations of artificial superintelligence (ASI) and the ramifications of its existence, the show effortlessly combined its technological premise with a stellar cast of characters, and never lost sight of the human drama that made it so easy to invest in. The care provided to the core cast was extended to supporting characters and antagonists, who were given complex, sympathetic personalities and memorable journeys of their own.

From the beginning of Finch and Reese's quest to save "irrelevant" lives in New York, to the end of the bitter war between the Machine and Samaritan, the show told a superb, cohesive story, whether it was depicting shadowy conspiracies or just showing the Machine's agents spending quality time with each other (not to mention Bear the dog).

Even at its least impressive, Person of Interest was well-crafted, entertaining television (an achievement in itself, given that it aired over 100 episodes). And at its best, it was simply outstanding, thanks to powerful character moments, gripping conflicts, exceptional performances and ingenious plotting. With that, the time has come to revisit Person of Interest's greatest episodes, each of which serves as ample explanation of why the show is still being watched by loyal fans to this day.

10. The Devil You Know

person of interest

Following the fall of HR, Person of Interest's organised crime elements had been left on the backburner. Season Four reignited the struggle for control of New York's underworld, as tension simmered between Dominic's emergent Brotherhood and reigning kingpin Elias. In The Devil You Know the tension came to a head, as Dominic ruthlessly made his move and Elias struggled for survival with the aid of Reese.

Shaw had similar problems, as the collapse of her cover identity resulted in an explosive shoot-out with Martine and put her firmly on Samaritan’s radar. With Root and Fusco occupied with getting Shaw back to the subway and avoiding Samaritan’s gaze, the situation for Reese, Elias, and his faithful lieutenant Anthony quickly became desperate.

The episode gave greater depth and humanity to the already complex Elias, providing additional details of his origins and further proof of his touching sense of loyalty. It also finally shed light on the previously mysterious Anthony in the moments before his moving death. Elias' fury over the loss of his childhood friend ensured that the episode ended on a powerful note, and left viewers desperate to discover how the bereaved crime lord would take his vengeance.


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