10 Best Person Of Interest Episodes

9. Asylum

person of interest

Asylum brilliantly interweaved three thrilling storylines, as Reese and Fusco were caught in the middle of the reckoning between Elias and Dominic, Control interrogated a Samaritan asset to discover Greer's agenda, and Root and Finch attempted to rescue Shaw from the hostile ASI. The intense brutality that Reese, Fusco and Elias were subjected to marked Asylum as one of the show's bleakest moments, as did the revelation that Shaw had been tortured into leading Root and Finch into a trap.

True to form, Root didn’t go down without a fight, taking vengeance on Martine for her treatment of Shaw in a true punch-the-air moment. Similar satisfaction was to be obtained from Elias’ plan to avenge Anthony’s death, as the supposed “mistake” that had led the Brotherhood to Elias was revealed to have been a trap, and Dominic was deceived into murdering his friend Link.

The Machine's decision to sacrifice herself to save Root and Finch was truly moving, particularly given Finch's prior lack of faith in her, and the episode's gripping ending positively dared viewers not to tune in to the impending season finale, as Samaritan closed in on the Machine and the ominous Correction loomed.


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