10 Best Sarah Paulson TV Shows

If you loved her in American Horror Story, you'll love her in everything else!

Sarah Paulson American Horror Story2

Sarah Paulson has become one of the most recognisable actresses within the last few years - many audiences watching a film or show usually end up asking themselves "What have I seen that woman in?" Wasn't she in American Horror Story?" "Where will she turn up next?".

The answer normally falls with yes, with Paulson starring in a variety of TV and filmography over the decade, focusing primarily on the the spooky and the dark, working with producer Ryan Murphy on many projects that see her screaming, cowering and sometimes leading to her own gruesome death.

In 2017, the actress was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world and she has since gone on from the beginning of her career to write and direct as well as receiving a variety of awards for her performances.

But which of these TV performances are worth the watch? What recent shows starring the actress might you have missed, after remembering her in the much loved American Horror Story early series?

Here is a list of just 10 shows starring Sarah Paulson that vary in genre and performance and should definitely make it on to everyone's watch list.

10. Ratched

Sarah Paulson American Horror Story2

Sarah Paulson is known for her work with American Horror story producer Ryan Murphy, becoming no stranger when given a new show to star as well known protagonist from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Next: Nurse Ratched.

The story takes place before the events of the 1962 book written by Ken Kesey and film adaptation in 1975, depicting a hospital for the mentally ill that uses the most unorthodox practises to cure its patients. Nurse Ratched is head nurse of the Oregon institute and feels that she is doing the right thing for the patients inside.

In the first series fans follow the origin of Nurse Ratched as she begins to start her career in the medical field, after failing her job as a nurse during the war.

We follow the journey of her abusive past and secrets from within her family that have made her the way she is, leading to some gruesome and creepy scenes. Paulson brings a new adaptation to the well known character whilst still grounding it with the foundations of the original antagonist we all know and love.


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