10 Best Sci-Fi Comedy TV Series You Need To Watch

Science fiction and comedy don't seem like an obvious combination but they can work well together.

The Orville

Science fiction and comedy go hand in hand like peanut butter and spark plugs. You don't think they'll work together, and they don't. You car will not run properly if you put peanut butter on the spark plugs, so for the love of God please don't do it.

Fortunately, TV shows are nothing like an internal combustion engine, so it's not as big of an issue.

There's actually quite a long history of comedy being used in science fiction shows - for example, Star Trek has always featured comedic episodes mixed in with each series.

Comedy is extremely important, as it humanises the characters, and makes them more relatable to the viewer. It can be hard to connect with someone as smart as Captain Picard if he isn't also funny every once in awhile.

Over the years, there have been several science fiction series where comedy is the point. In many cases, those series are animated as the format certainly lends itself well to science fiction comedy combinations. That being said, there have been more than a few great live action series that fall into that category over the years.

10. Star Trek: Lower Decks

The Orville

Star Trek isn't really known for being a comedy franchise. It's not like there aren't comedic episodes throughout each series and funny moments in the movies, but Star Trek has never had a dedicated comedy series as part of its ranks. That was before Star Trek: Lower Decks arrived.

The series focuses on the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos whose primary mission is Second Contact. It's not as glamorous as First Contact but it's still important. The main characters are Beckett Mariner and the crew of the lower decks. They are the people who do the grunt work while the main crew take the glory.

As the second animated series in the history of Star Trek, Lower Decks was still a big swing. Making it the first Star Trek comedy on top of that was even more risky. While the first season wasn't perfect and there are still kinks to work out, it was still a funny take on the world that had been built throughout the franchise.

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