10 Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Shows To Debut In 2019

Amidst all the Witchers and Mandalorians, which were the best new sci-fi/fantasy shows of the year?

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If somebody was sat on this day twelve months ago and asked Santa for a host of quality sci-fi and fantasy shows for the next year, they would not have been disappointed in the slightest.

2019 was in many ways a watershed year for the two commercially biggest genres in entertainment. Iconic shows came to an end, others continued their strong form and most importantly perhaps, many new ones became instant favorites. The year saw no shortage of quality new shows that took us to new worlds and made us fall in love with their brand of magic or sci-fi.

From magical warriors vanquishing evil to reboots of legendary predecessors to ingeniously crafted plots that completely blew our minds, this year’s debutants had them all.

With that in mind, let’s pick through this abundance of quality content and see which stand out as the best. These are the ten best sci-fi/fantasy shows to debut in 2019.

10. Swamp Thing

Witcher geralt netflix
DC Universe

Ultimately Swamp Thing will become famous for how quickly it was cancelled and the bizarre circumstances surrounding it, which is a total shame because the one season we did get was nothing short of brilliant.

Part of DC Universe’s new line of shows alongside Titans and Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing produced the kind edgy, gore infused spectacle that DC live action products appeared to have been aiming at for quite some time. The show kicks off with CDC doctor Abby Arcaine returning to her hometown to help the fight against a deadly virus that had been attacking the place. There, her path entwines with scientist Alec Holland, with whom she starts working.

Then, in an early twist Alec appears to suffer a gruesome death at the hands, or bullets and bombs, of an unknown attacker. However, this is only the beginning of his journey as we start seeing Mr. Holland in the form we are more familiar with; Swamp Thing.

From here on, the story continues to escalate in suspense and mossy violence. The show also features other popular DC characters such as Phantom Stranger and Blue Devil and the season finishes with a satisfactory ending to all the bloodshed and betrayals, while still managing to set up subsequent seasons that sadly we will never get.

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