10 Best Seinfeld Episodes According To IMDb

Which Seinfeld episode is King of the Castle?

Seinfeld Golf Ball

The iconic sitcom about nothing, Seinfeld ran for a glorious 9 seasons.

Seinfeld followed the fictional life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his group of friends as they lived not so boring lives in New York City. Jerry, along with childhood best friend George Costanza, ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes and neighbour Cosmo Kramer, have a habit of finding themselves in all kinds of predicaments.

Jerry tends to find himself in absurd scenarios, though usually not of his own creation. Yet he still finds time to have over 70 different girlfriends across the course of the show.

George tries to find ways to scheme and lie in order to get ahead. Things never seem to go right for George and he's usually the victim of his own plans going wrong.

Elaine is the self-proclaimed intelligent one of the group. She spends much of the show seeking to move up through the publishing industry and finding a boyfriend who meets all her requirements.

Kramer is the quirky "hipster doofus" who lives across the hall. There isn't a crazy scheme that Kramer isn't involved in, usually with his pal (and Jerry's nemesis) Newman.

With 180 episodes of the show, there's plenty of capers that our gang of four end up in. From ridiculous dates, to misunderstandings, to the infamous contest, there's so many episodes of the show that fans fell in love with.

Let's take a look at the 10 highest ranked episodes, according to their IMDb rating...

10. The Abstinence (IMDb Rating 9.0)

Seinfeld Golf Ball

After not being able to have sex with his girlfriend, George discovers that abstinence turns him into a genius. He learns languages with ease and even manages to teach the Yankees a thing of two.

Elaine decides, in a bid to help her boyfriend pass his exams and become a doctor, to also abstain, hoping his intelligence will likewise grow. Unfortunately for Elaine, the abstinence has the opposite impact on her.

For Jerry, he's asked to speak at his former Junior High School for career day, only to find himself bumped. His agent manages to secure him a whole assembly to make up for it, which is two hours long! Thanks to his newfound smarts, George is supposed to help Seinfeld with the presentation.

Kramer decides to open his apartment up to become a smoking lounge, but finds the smoke severely ages his face. As such, he decides to get Jackie Chiles to help him sue the tobacco companies.

"The Abstinence" is a classic Seinfeld episode where every character has something going on. George and Elaine are once again proven to be opposites of each other, Jerry's agent once again gets him into trouble, and Kramer's scheme doesn't go the way he expects it to.

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