10 Best Slasher Horror TV Shows

9. Wreck

American Horror Story 1984

Brand new British horror comedy Wreck dropped just in time for the 2022 Halloween season, with an innovative and bonkers premise that promises to keep you laughing as well as on your toes. Set on the cruise ship Sacramentum, the series follows a collection of young seasonal workers who join the crew for a variety of mysterious reasons. Most notable is Jamie, who secretly switched places with his friend Cormac to investigate the disappearance of his sister, Pippa, who went missing while working on board.

This mystery is, however, revealed to audiences within the opening scenes - Pippa leapt from the boat to her unknown fate after being attacked by a masked, murderous, and knife-wielding… duck. Yup, you did read that right. Wreck’s floating, inescapable setting is stalked by a killer in a comedy duck mask, and while this inherently lends itself to the show’s funny factor, it also doesn’t make the collection of murders committed any less scary or bloody.

Despite this humorous set up, one thing Wreck doesn’t joke about it the diversity showcased within its excellent young cast, and has earned praise for both its Asian and queer representation, which avoids many of the painful horror tropes subjected to such characters historically. Critical reception overall has been more measured, but with rave reviews from audience scores and a second season already in development, you’d be a ducking fool to miss this one.


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