10 Best Songs From Community

Greendale notched up an impressive soundtrack in six years, but which ones were the very best?

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Community remains one of the 21st century’s best sitcoms, becoming a cult classic after it was initially bounced around from timeslot to timeslot and never really found an audience. Stars like Ken Jeong, Donald Glover and Alison Brie have gone on to have stellar careers since, as has showrunner Dan Harmon.

One of the lesser appreciated aspects of the show though was the music. Let’s change that now.

Not only was the composer Ludwig Goransson, who went on to win an Oscar with Black Panther and be instrumental in Childish Gambino’s career, the show was packed with tons of original songs too.

It’s only originals we’re focusing on here, too. That means great moments like Sara Bareilles’ Gravity, Somewhere Out There, Sophie B. Hawkins’ guest spot or the running gag of Daybreak don’t make the cut here.

Even without those though, there’s plenty of great Community songs to dig into. With Donald Glover on the cast, that’s no surprise, but there’s more than just Troy involved here. With a mix of genuinely good songs and some great comedy tunes in there too, there’s a lot to appreciate in the Community soundtrack.

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