10 Best Songs Used By The Walking Dead

9. "Lead Me Home" - Jamie N. Commons


As one of season three's best episodes -- and perhaps even one of the series' best -- "Clear" spent time catching up with Morgan Jones, who hadn't been seen since the show's premiere. By episode's end, Rick, Michonne and Carl are on their way back to the prison, fully stocked with supplies, with no option but to leave Morgan behind to continue his "work" due to his disinterest in coming with them.

The episode's final sequence in which the group drives back, even passing Morgan along the way, is accompanied by blues singer Jamie N. Commons' "Lead Me Home," a thoughtful piece that effectively captures the state of all four characters' minds, particularly Rick's newfound insight over how he's dealt with loss (chiefly his own wife, Lori) in comparison to Morgan's tragic tale. It's a moody, soulful song whose brevity actually suits its quality and provided a solid ending to a first-rate episode.


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