10 Best Songs Used By The Walking Dead

5. "Warm Shadow" - Fink


Season three's "Arrow on the Doorpost," which focused on the sit-down between Rick and the Governor to find a way to make peace, ended with both sides ready to head into war. After informing Rick that peace could be bought if he gave up Michonne, the Governor retreated to Woodbury to make sure that such an event would leave Rick and his allies dead. Rick, meanwhile, returned to the prison, internally debating whether Michonne was worth saving while letting everyone else know that the Governor's true, obvious intentions were that he'd kill them all given the opportunity.

Fink's song acts as a perfect "gearing up" piece, with a beat that consistently seems ready to launch into a battle of its own while instilling the juxtaposition of Rick and the Governor's return to and actions in the prison and Woodbury, respectively, with a slick, bubbling anticipation of the showdown between the two camps. While that showdown would end season three with a whimper instead of a bang -- the real showdown being held off until the season four episode "Too Far Gone" -- the sequence and the song are still strong enough to be memorable for how easy it amps up its audience to see the two men truly go head to head.


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