10 Best Songs Used By The Walking Dead

4. "The Last Pale Light in the West" - Ben Nichols


Though many were let down by the fact the Governor managed to survive the show's third season, he made a return with a vengeance during season four that seemed to divide fans even further, leading the show to take a two-episode break from the events and characters at the prison to play catch up with the cycloptic psychopath. The dual episode storyline of "Live Bait" and "Dead Weight" was definitely a love/hate affair amongst fans, with some praising the unique fall and rise of the character as others waited impatiently for it all to be over.

Whatever your feelings are, the montage of events after the Governor finds himself abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert is gripping, as he literally burns the remnants of Woodbury to the ground only to spend the next few months wandering as aimlessly as the walkers around him. The use of "The Last Pale Light in the West" elevates the entire thing into a haunting and melancholic sequence symbolic of the "show, don't tell" method of storytelling that stands as a great singular event in the show's fourth season even as a prelude to a divisive storyline.


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