10 Best Songs Used By The Walking Dead

3. "Serpents" - Sharon van Etten


Two variations of Sharon van Etten's 2012 song were actually used by the series for its fourth season. While the regular album version of the song was used in trailers for the season, the real standout is the use of van Etten's acoustic demo of the song at the close of "Indifference," the fourth episode of the season.

After Rick banishes Carol from returning to the prison over the premature killing of Karen and David and sets her on her way, Rick drives home in silent contemplation with only van Etten's song to allow him and the audience to reflect not only on his decision to cast out his own friend but the inevitable weight it will put on him, her and a number of other characters once they find out the truth.

van Etten's voice in the demo is excellent, the demo itself is arguably even better than the standard version and the decision to use it on the show stands as a solid example of how those involved have only continued to make excellent choices when it comes to picking great songs to represent some of the series' most thoughtful moments.


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