10 Best South Park Celebrity Cameos

3. Cheech And Chong

South Park Elton John
Comedy Central

'Member Cheech and Chong? I 'member.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong were THE stoner comedy icons in the 70s and 80s. Between their stand-up routines, studio albums, and feature films, they became household names that were synonymous with the hippie counterculture movement. They ultimately broke up in the mid-80s, with Cheech citing Chong's ego as director of their film collaborations.

That's part of the reason their appearance in the season 4 episode, "Cherokee Hair Tampons", was so cool - it was a long-awaited reunion after fifteen years apart.

In this episode, they play two Mexican men who work for holistic medicine peddler, Ms. Information (get it?). The con artist passes them off as American Indians named Chief Running Pinto and Carlos Ramirez, playing up the age-old, deeply ingrained stereotype that Native Americans are basically magic - a people with mystical healing powers that have thus far evaded and outperformed modern medicine.

When they see that Kyle - desperately in need of a kidney - has only gotten worse through exposure to holistic medicine, they encourage his parents to seek out actual medical treatment. When the crowd turns on Ms. Information, they just stand there and chuckle nonchalantly as she is violently beaten.


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