10 Best Spider-Man: The Animated Series Episodes

9. Attack Of The Octobot (S3:3)

Spider-Man Secret Wars

The Sins of the Fathers contains a number of excellent chapters featuring the likes of Carnage, Venom, Green Goblin, and Hobgoblin. While Doctor Octopus gets his time to shine in a few other episodes, notably in conjunction with the Insidious Six, he's also the catalyst for a great two-part story.

In the previous episode, Make a Wish, Spider-Man meets Tania, a child who claims to be his biggest fan. While treating her to a web-slinging tour around the city, Spider-Man is captured by Doc Ock.

In short, Ock gives Spider-Man amnesia and convinces him that he's the Doctor's assistant. Tania is able to help Spider-Man regain his memory. Although this story is nothing to write home about regarding the overarching story of the series, it's intent is quite poignant.

At the conclusion of the episode, we discover that Tania is a terminally-ill child and that meeting the wall-crawler was her final wish. It's a heavy topic to imply in a children's cartoon, but it's far better than some of the other fodder episodes.

Spider-Man fulfilling a child's dying wish? If that doesn't exemplify the heart of our hero, what does?


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