10 Best Teen Titans Episodes

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When discussing some of the truly great animated series based on comic books that have come out over the years, anyone would be remiss to not mention Teen Titans, which aired for five seasons on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006.

Thanks to the show's anime-esque animation style, as well as its emphasis on some of DC's more obscure characters, Teen Titans served as something of an edgier alternative to other superhero shows that were on at the time, such as Justice League Unlimited.

It was also a fantastic show in its own right. It had some very likable and well-developed protagonists that were easy to root for, told great stories, be they in multi-episode arcs or standalone instalments, not to mention featuring one of the most menacing versions of Deathstroke (simply referred to as Slade) ever put on screen as one of its main antagonists.

While Teen Titans was a show made predominately for kids and featured plenty of fun, lighthearted episodes to reflect this, it also wasn't afraid to tackle some more mature themes in its episodes on a fairly regular basis, not unlike Batman: The Animated Series, and over five seasons it gave us some truly memorable instalments.

10. Mad Mod (1.10)

Teen Titans Cartoon
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Starting off this list on a relatively lighthearted tone, Mad Mod (alternatively titled Detention) is not only an incredibly fun episode, but easily one of the single most creative that the series had to offer.

The episode takes a turn for the weird early on, as the Titans are forced to navigate the titular villain's bizarre, surrealist-inspired lair with no shortage of trippy visuals as well as plenty of references to classic pieces of art.

Mad Mod's motivations really play to the "teen" aspect of Teen Titans, as he declares the team as nothing but bratty, do-gooding kids who undermine hardworking villains such as himself. Plus, the reveal that Mod is actually much older than he appears only drives this home, making it clear that he's a bitter man who envies the Titans' youth and exuberance.

Mod himself also makes a very fun villain. Between his overplayed charisma and British twang, he is incredibly entertaining every time he's on screen. And the fact that he's voiced by Malcolm McDowell certainly doesn't hurt.

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