10 Best Teen Titans Episodes

9. Cyborg The Barbarian (4.4)

Teen Titans Cartoon
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Over its five-season run, Teen Titans had some truly great episodes with Cyborg as the central figure. The Sum of His Parts and Only Human immediately come to mind, not to mention the season three finale, Titans East, which would have made this list had it not been for its weak ending.

However, out of all the Cyborg-centric episodes, Cyborg the Barbarian definitely stands out as the most engaging, as it follows the titular hero on a quest in which he is taken completely out of his element and forced to quickly adapt.

After being sent back in time against his will in an Army of Darkness-esque scenario, Cyborg finds himself joining an army of ancient warriors in their fight against a horde of monsters. He soon realizes that without the ability to recharge, his tech cannot be relied on and that he must do things the old-fashioned way.

In this episode, Cyborg being forced to take a step back and reassess what truly makes him a hero (and save a whole civilization in the process.) And thanks to the episode's bittersweet ending, he must go on knowing he's the only one who will know what he did.

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