10 Best Times TV Characters Returned From The Dead

8. Barbara Kean - Gotham

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Bringing the origins of Gotham's infamous rogues gallery to life resulted in, what was at times, an overwhelming influx of supervillains on Fox's Batman spinoff show. The good news on that front is that these villains often dwarfed the charisma and likability exhibited by Gotham's central heroes.

Ben Mackenzie's Jim Gordon does a great brooding stare, but struggles with anything of dramatic substance. Elsewhere, David Mazouz's laughably rigid take on an adolescent Bruce Wayne (don't call him the B-word unless you fancy a lawsuit) imbues the legendary crimefighter with the charisma of an avocado, and considerably less likability.

Accordingly then, Gotham decided to bring one of its more colourful villains back from the dead. Jim Gordon's one-time fiancée Barbara Kean appeared to be literal toast following the events of the third season finale, following her death by electrocution at the hands of Tabitha - retribution for the former's murder of Butch.

Thankfully, Ms. Kean is resurrected by Ra's al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit, setting the ridiculous - yet thoroughly entertaining - Demon's Head storyline in motion. Gotham having one of its most compelling cast members back didn't hurt either.

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