10 Best TV Characters With No Name

8. The Red Guy (Cow And Chicken)

Its Always Sunny Waitress
Cartoon Network

It takes some effort to be the weirdest element of a show about a human couple giving birth to a cow and a chicken, but The Red Guy somehow manages it. The antagonist to the titular farmyard combo, The Red Guy is, as far as we can tell, Satan himself, only somewhat of a benign form, intent on being a nuisance rather than bringing forth eternal damnation or the like.

The Red Guy pops up everywhere under new guises - a prison warden, a fashion photographer, the operator of a dry cleaners - and seems to exist only to hassle Cow and Chicken to varying degrees. Sometimes he’s simply being a pest; other times, he seems to have designs on murdering the pair.

With his oversized buttocks (on which he sometimes walks), constantly shifting temperament, demonic visage, and unrelenting (if generally petty) penchant for evil, he’s one of the stranger creations found in kids’ TV. He’s funny with it, but can’t help being at least somewhat offputting, even to adult viewers.


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