10 Best TV Redemption Arcs Of All Time

5. Michael - The Good Place

Game of Thrones

This phenomenal character - played by the beloved Ted Danson - had the luxury of garnering both a villainous arc and a redemption arc. However, because the twists and turns of that show are a significant part of its appeal, here's your final spoiler warning.

For those still here, Michael started out as the angelic architect of The Good Place and helped the lead - Elanor - become accustomed to the afterlife. However, it's revealed in the first season's climax that he's been a demon the entire time and that The Good Place is actually The Bad Place.

From then on, Michael indulges in his spiteful maliciousness. But eventually, his unlikely partnership with the lead characters causes him to revaluate the state of humanity and question his own moral code.

Seeing him go from lovely to evil to lovely again was one of the show's biggest successes, and it showed how even the worst person - in this case, a literal demon - can still get better if they work hard enough.


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