10 Best TV Trailers From Comic-Con 2016

9. Iron Fist And The Defenders (Both Season 1)

Alongside Luke Cage, Marvel brought surprising teasers for Iron Fist and The Defenders, both of which should be hitting Netflix next year.

Of the two, Iron Fist has more to it, given the series has already started shooting. We see a young Danny Rand in a plane crash, before being rescued from the men who'll presumably train him to becoming Iron Fist. There's then his return to New York, where he's strapped to a hospital bed, before breaking through and busting his way through a wall. It's the best look we've had yet at the series, and looks in line with the other Netflix/Marvel shows - which is to say, pretty great.

As for Defenders, there's even less to this one, but just the first tantalising tease of uniting Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist is exciting, while there's also the tease of just what enemy will require them coming together.


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