10 Best Venture Bros Episodes

The Venture Brothers This Sunday, the fifth season of The Venture Bros. premieres on Adult Swim. The Venture Bros. was created by two men: Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch) and Doc Hammer. Like so many of the Adult Swim animations, Publick and Hammer write and produce nearly every episode, as well as provide the voices for many of their characters. Though the series is currently shy of sixty episodes, it€™s been a little over a decade since the pilot aired. In August of 2004, the series started proper. A year and a half passed between the first and second seasons. Nearly two years stood between seasons two and three. It€™s impressive that The Venture Bros. continues. With our quicksilver attention spans, how can Publick and Hammer expect us to still be interested? Simple. The Venture Bros. is spectacular. Animation-wise, it beats most of its adult-cartoon peers. There are countless pop culture nods and references. Hammer and Publick have crafted an enormous supporting cast; there are over fifty reoccurring characters, not counting the Venture family or people who only show up for one episode. Hilarious, smart and action-packed, The Venture Bros. is a serious contender for Greatest Adult Swim Show Ever. In honor of the new season, I present the ten best episodes of The Venture Bros. (so far). Quick caveat: these are all individual episodes. The finales for season two and three are the Ventures at their best, but they are also two-parters. Because they would have taken up too much space on the list, I left them off.
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