10 Biggest Ongoing Criticisms Of The Walking Dead

That's not really how diversity works.

The Walking Dead can be a very frustrating show. It has moments of downright brilliance and its action is often some of the best on TV, but that hardly makes it perfect. That€™s because even after six seasons, it still seems to be repeating the same mistakes Season 6 has done a lot of good things, but it€™s also doubled down on some of the series€™ most notorious aspects.

What makes these problems all the more annoying is that these are specific criticisms that have come up again and again. For the show to make some of these errors once is perhaps understandable but some of these problems have come up repeatedly, despite both fans and critics pointing them out.

Many of these concerns are very much of the moment, but just because some haven't occurred recently doesn't mean that problem has been solved. Because the thing about recurring issues is they really tend to be come back, even after they're lain dormant for a while. There€™s always room for characters to get more developed or the writing to improve, but with the season quickly coming to a close, there€™s not much time left to see if any of these issues can be resolved once and for all.


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