10 Biggest WTF Moments From Star Trek: Voyager

Voyager's wackiest adventures in the unexplored depths of the Delta Quadrant.

10 biggest wtf moments from star trek: voyager
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Star Trek: Voyager certainly didn't shy away from the strangeness of exploring unknown space. The crew of the ship experienced a lot of messed up stuff during their stay in the Delta Quadrant. They had to contend with malfunctioning tech, awkward alien encounters, and much more on their journey home to Earth.

So, with that in mind, let's go through the most absurd moments in Star Trek: Voyager, and on the way we'll learn more about the ship's crew and the history of the Trek universe in general.

Fire up your nacelles for warp 10, and get ready to hear about some of Starfleet's weirdest adventures.

10. The Doctor's Opera Performance

10 biggest wtf moments from star trek: voyager
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Of course we had to mention Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, the episode where The Doctor added the ability to daydream to his program. This was one of Voyager's more comedic episodes and a goldmine for WTF moments.

Among other things, The Doctor daydreamed about all the female senior officers fighting for his affection, and imagined himself commanding the ship and bravely defeating the Borg, but the weirdest daydream came right at the start of the episode.

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy opened with The Doctor singing the Italian opera aria, La donna mobile, to the crew in the mess hall. As the song progressed, Tuvok started acting stranger and stranger, first bursting into tears before laughing uncontrollably and falling to the floor. Tuvok pushed Paris aside and The Doctor told everyone to stand back and, to the melody of his opera, sang that Tuvok was going through his pon farr, and losing his mind at his sexual frustration. Still in song, The Doctor told Paris to load a hypospray, which The Doctor was able to use to knock out the hormonal Vulcan with one shot to the behind. It was only after this sequence that we learned it was all a daydream.

This scene was definitely one of the most memorable cold opens in Trek history. The Doctor's singing, combined with everyone else's ambivalent reaction to the whole situation, absolutely makes this one of the most jaw-droppingly absurd moments to come out of Voyager.

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