10 Biggest WTF Moments From Star Trek: Voyager

9. The Story Of Seven's Borg 'Family'

10 biggest wtf moments from star trek: voyager
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Once, while Seven of Nine was still a Borg drone, her ship was damaged and crashed on a planet. The only survivors were Seven and three other drones, who all became separated from the Collective, and started to remember things from their past lives. Eventually, they were all reassimilated. Seven was reconnected to the Borg, but the three others had a malfunction that created their own separate mini-collective with each other and were able to escape the Borg. Unfortunately, they remained linked together.

Years later, in the episode Survival Instinct, they found Voyager and sought out Seven of Nine, in the hopes that she would hold the key to separating their minds and becoming full individuals. Seven agreed to help them by linking her own mind to their collective. However, when they linked, the four former drones remembered what happened on the planet eight years ago. The others chose to leave the Collective, and Seven reassimilated them herself to prevent their escape. This temporarily ended their resistance, and resulted in the link between the group.

Given that Seven was assimilated as a child, whereas the others were adults when they became Borg, leaving the Collective was harder for her. She would eventually go on to embrace her individuality, but it's devastating to know that she once denied the same to her former Borg 'family'. Things became even worse after the link was severed. The Doctor found that they would only live for a month at most unless they were reconnected to the Borg. They all chose to live short lives as individuals over returning to another collective. One of them, Marika, even chose to live out the rest of her life aboard Voyager, though we never saw her again on screen.

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