10 Biggest WTF True Blood Moments

Now for the weather...


To be frank, True Blood isn’t so much a show as a collection of WTF moments, bloodily sewn together over the course of seven seasons of hugely varying degrees of quality.

What was great about the show was also part of its downfall; at its best these WTF moments made some sort of sense, in context, and were hugely enjoyable. It was sexy, violent, full of action and soap-opera drama that you couldn’t help but get hooked on.

At its worst, it was completely over-the-top, ridiculous and nonsensical, the characters flipped switches from one week to the next and nobody seemed to have any clue what was going on. It was best to just go with it, but in the latter seasons there were times it felt like it hadn’t so much jumped the shark as sunk its fangs into it and devoured the creature.

For better or worse, it delivered a lot of memorable moments. It may not go down in the pantheon of all-time great HBO shows, but it came along at a time when vampires were very much of the Twilight model, and turned them back into beings that were seductively frightening.

It has been around a year now since the final nail went into True Blood’s coffin, so here’s a reminder of some of the biggest WTF moments from a show that was full of them…


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