10 Biggest WTF True Blood Moments

9. The Maenad Orgy

True Blood Bill Billith

After the success of the first season, True Blood season 2 decided to take more risks and introduce more supernatural elements. Thus the big bad of the show’s second year was Maryann, the Maenad first introduced in season 1.

Maenads are the followers of Dionysus, the god of ritual madness and ecstasy. That was probably an indication of where season 2 was headed, and it went all the way there.

Maryann takes most of the town under her control, most notably Tara, and what does she do with this population of people who’ll do anything she commands? Makes them engage in massive, seemingly endless orgies of course.

 She feeds off the energy created by all this sex, until eventually she’s killed in the season finale by Sam, who transforms into a bull and stabs her through the heart. Naturally. 


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