10 Most Bizarre Reality TV Shows Ever

9. Kid Nation

Kid Nation was a reality show presumably created by a group of people who were never forced to read Lord of the Flies when they were children. They didn't learn the lesson that kids become monstrous little beasts when left to their own devices. Let's make a reality show where a group of children create their own society, without the interference of adults. What could possibly go wrong there? The sheer potential for lawsuits from the parents of the kids on the show should have prevented it from ever being made. Pulling a group of children, some as young as 8, out of school and into an environment where they will likely struggle to cope with the stress never seemed like a brilliant idea. But despite the controversy it drew initially, the show went forward as planned. Kid Nation lasted for 13 episodes, and was not renewed after the end of the first season. Oddly, in spite of the parallels to Lord of the Flies, the show might have actually benefited from a little bit of drama -- the producers found that throughout the shoot it was difficult for the kids to display the level of autonomy and self-reliance that they would have wished.
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