10 Bold TV Predictions For 2016

Are you ready for an amazing year of television?

Television just keeps getting better and better. Aside from the almost impossible amount of variety provided by an insane number of networks (and that's not including all of the awesome exclusives provided by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime) the quality of writing is absolutely astounding. Put simply, television now rivals cinema in terms of incredible storytelling potential. But like any industry, the television industry is rather fickle. Shows are cancelled before they ever get the opportunity to grow, and shows that should have finished a long time ago continue to drag on, merely because there are people still watching. This fickleness, then, can make it difficult to know what's coming next. And from a creative standpoint, writers are constantly trying to shock and surprise viewers, so it's tough to get a sense of the future. Nevertheless, a careful analysis of the situation can throw up some extremely plausible scenarios. From the continued dilution of the very definition of the word €œtelevision€ to a certain prominent show-runner finally stepping down, here are ten bold television predictions for 2016.

10. Gus Fring Will Show Up In Better Call Saul Season Two

One of the great things about Better Call Saul €“ the brilliant spin-off to AMC's critically acclaimed Breaking Bad €“ is that it took its time. Though many fans wanted to tune in and immediately see good old Saul Goodman hanging out with criminals and interacting with some of Breaking Bad's most prominent side characters, the show went back to the very start of the story, slowly developing the character of Jimmy McGill and establishing his position in life and his relationships. But all that is done now. At the end of season one, Jimmy appears to finally give up on clinging to the morality that has repeatedly beaten him down, embracing his inner Saul Goodman. Which means it's finally time to see him team up with Mike and start interacting with some seriously dangerous criminals. During season one, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould were reluctant to shoehorn in many Breaking Bad cameos. They wanted the first season to stand on its own two feet, to prove its quality. Now it has, and with Jimmy becoming Saul, the time is right for the most logical criminal cameo: Gustavo Fring.

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