10 Breaking Bad Mistakes Nobody Noticed

9. Walt's Unorthodox Teaching Methods

Given how maniacal and crazed Walter White ends up becoming, going back and revisiting his early scenes really adds to the tragedy of this chemistry teacher. A high school teacher with a keen passion for his subject, the pilot episode of the show shows him kicking off a new semester by simply asking his class what chemistry is. This then leads onto one of the show's most famous quotes:

"Technically chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change."

Not only does this one quote encompass everything the show presents over its five seasons, but it's almost the definitive theme by which Walt lives by during his spiral towards becoming the great Heisenberg.

He then moves on from the simple introduction on the subject to asking his students to turn to chapter six of their textbooks to learn about ionic bonding. Not only does it not make sense for a teacher to ask his students to turn to chapter six of their textbooks on the first day of class, but ionic bonding is a pretty heavy subject to kick things off with.

Makes sense that people like Jesse ending up failing chemistry with Walt and his teaching methods around.

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