10 Breaking Bad Mistakes Nobody Noticed

10. Walt's Trousers And Underwear


The opening scenes of the pilot episode of Breaking Bad are some of the most bizarre and memorable in the history of recent television. Just ten seconds in, the deep blue of the New Mexico sky is filled with a pair of beige trousers dropping lazily to the ground, only to be driven over by what would soon become the most famous RV in TV history.

Only problem is, when someone watching the scene actually stops to think about it, the entire sequence makes absolutely no sense. Not only does it make no sense that these trousers are flying forwards towards the camera and not backwards, but audiences are then shown a flashback of the day's events that do indeed show these trousers flying backwards!

A little bit further on in the sequence, Walter White is shown crashing his RV and, upon hearing some approaching police sirens, preparing for his final stand. He makes up a quick goodbye video to his family, and shoves a gun down his underwear. Again, only problem with this moment is the fact that there's no way a simple pair of undergarments would be able to support the weight of a handgun without falling down.

Obviously this opening sequence proved so compelling that audiences were able to overlook Vince Gilligan playing around with physics this time.

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