10 Brutal TV Moments You Won't Believe Were Allowed To Air

9. Oz - Robson's Gums

Of the hundred odd candidates from HBO's nihilistic prison drama, James Robson's dental woes take the cake.

A favoured lieutenant in Vern Schillinger's Aryan Brotherhood, Robson's abysmal oral hygiene leaves him in need of new gums. Racist as ever due to his dentist's Pakistani origin, Robson discovers post-op that his gums came from a black cadaver. The dentist then vengefully pays another inmate to spread the story. Ousted from his gang for being "impure", Robson commits one of the most toe curling acts of self harm ever filmed.

Shooting up some heroin for the inevitable agony, we watch him take a razor to his mouth and desperately try to remove his new gums. Needless to say, it does not go well.

It's all but impossible to have much sympathy for this sadistic racist. There is a lesson from this he should've learned though. As Muslim gang leader Saïd points out, if Robson's friends reject him over something like this, they were never his friends to begin with. This leads to a downward spiral for the Robson character that was among the nastiest, most off-putting story arcs HBO's ever committed to screen.

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