10 Brutal TV Moments You Won't Believe Were Allowed To Air

8. Hannibal - The Mural

"You have nice skin."

To the shock of no one, NBC's Hannibal was a gloriously sick and twisted affair.

James Gray isn't the first killer in the Lecter mythos to have a fascination with skin. Nicknamed the Muralist for his depraved M.O. of sewing unfortunate victims together, Gray's revolting antics lead to some truly priceless nightmare material. In particular is the ordeal of Roland Umber, a man sewn directly into the middle of Gray's grisly masterpiece. Still alive, Umber wincingly detaches himself from the stitched on bodies before taking a fatal tumble during his escape attempt.

We get plentiful detail on Gray's methods from his kidnapping to his drugging to the resin and silicone he uses to keep the corpses preserved. It's kind of interesting in a perverse way.

The Mural's slightly reminiscent of The Human Centipede (though thankfully the showrunners skipped on any toilet-related matter) and left many wondering if NBC had freed itself of network TV censorship. For a little extra oomph, there's a lovely sequel set piece in which Dr Lecter gives a still living Gray a taste of his own medicine. Between the creepy dialogue and disgusting visuals, one really shouldn't grab a snack before watching this.

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