10 Categoric Reasons Why The Simpsons Is Better Than Family Guy

10. Appeal To Foreign Markets

Part of the success of The Simpsons is their widespread appeal, not just in North America or Western Europe, but around the globe. The Simpsons airs in India, Pakistan, China, Hungary, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, all dubbed in local languages. The English version (usually subtitled) airs in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and a host of other nations including Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Peru, Sweden, and many others. Why is it able to have that appeal? Well, many of the jokes are universal more than they are cultural, meaning you don't have to be part of a specific demographic to get the joke. It's the hallmark of a timeless series. Family Guy, with its cutaway gags and frequent celebrity lampooning, just can't match that. It gives The Simpsons the edge as the "better" show when you consider more people enjoy it.
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