10 Categoric Reasons Why The Simpsons Is Better Than Family Guy

4. The Humour Is More Accessible

There are no stretched out clips of Conway Twitty on The Simpsons - and for that, we are all very, very thankful! When talking about the "best" of something, well, for the most part, it's all opinion. Yes, we could look at awards - The Simpsons has way, way more than Family Guy - but awards shows are really meaningless pats on the back by the rest of the industry for the most part (that goes for almost any awards show in any industry). So keep in mind that humour is subjective - but there are still nitpicks that can be made that speak for a large percentage of fans. One: Conway Twitty was only funny once, and barely then, as the idea that "we're wasting airtime" isn't really funny to anyone but the person doing it. Two: Just because shocking can be funny doesn't mean it's always funny. Three: "Killing off" a character needs to have a point, not just be a dumb ratings stunt. See, there-in lies the difference between the shows: you can sit down with your elderly parents or young children, and they'll laugh at The Simpsons, but will they laugh at Conway Twitty? Will they really enjoy "eat my poop, Brian" when it's repeated over and over again? Will they even care about Brian dying, being replaced by a Jersey Shore reject dog, and then being brought back? Now, Frank Grimes dying while yelling "I'm Homer Simpson" after being driven mad by his oblivious co-worker - that is accessible.
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