10 Categoric Reasons Why The Simpsons Is Better Than Family Guy

3. More Classic Episodes

Longevity has its advantages. One of those is simply that, given enough time, against competition that has had half the run you have, you're more than likely to produce more "classic" output. That's the case with The Simpsons. However, even taking longevity into account and giving Family Guy something of a handicap, The Simpsons have more classic episodes. Family Guy had some early ones (Mr. Saturday Knight, Emission Impossible, E. Peterbus Unum, and Death is a Bitch are some of the best), and a couple of late entries as well (And Then There Were Fewer), but overall, the Simpsons have far, far more. Pretty much the first six or so Treehouse Of Horror episodes, Bart the Daredevil (the gorge episode), Like Father, Like Clown, Flaming Moe's, Radio Bart (the well), Homer at the Bat, Brother, Can you Spare Two Dimes, A Streetcar Named Marge, Kamp Krusty, Mr. Plow - we're barely into the fourth season here. Later episodes like Angry Dad: The Movie, Simpsorama, The D'oh-cial Network also tend to outdo later Family Guy. To be fair to the Griffin clan, they had the upper hand in the mid-naughts for a bit. Overall however, once again, the Groening show is out in front.
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