10 Celebrity Guests Who Should've Stayed In South Park

Brief cameos which could've been turned into extended residencies...

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Celebrities passing through cartoon locales is one of the hallmarks of Adult Animation. For much of its early run The Simpsons was an example of cameos done well. However, in later seasons, guest stars were used to generate easy publicity. Many point to an over-reliance on such cameos as a key reason for the show’s steep decline. The infamous Lisa Goes Gaga is a damning indictment of this.

South Park has a different approach to celebrity cameos. As they rarely involve the person being lampooned, Trey Parker and Matt Stone do not have the hardship of having a celebrity ego to flatter, and are free to create a fully realised satire of the person’s public image. The celebrities often fit into South Park so well that they could become regular characters, in a similar vein to Adam West being Mayor of Quahog in Family Guy.

Tom Cruise and Al Gore have had successful multiple episode arcs in South Park. However, there are many more characters in the South Park Hall of Shame who could become series regulars.

Note: Appearances as background characters with little added to a character's in-world story arc have been omitted for length.

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