10 Changes The Simpsons Hoped You Wouldn’t Notice

7. Moe Syzlack's Original Voice Actor

Moe is one of the longest running characters in The Simpsons, appearing from the first season onward, and remaining one of the key characters on the show today. Though his character has gone through many changes - he has gone from a dive barman, to a successful barman, to a model for barmen, to simply a depressed, suicidal barman - one thing that has always been consistent is Hank Azaria's voice issuing from the man's mouth.

Or has it been?

This is a change that went on behind the scenes - one that the producers clearly hoped Hank Azaria wouldn't find out (initially) either.

Christopher Collins had portrayed Moe in his first appearance, all the way back in Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire. He also voiced Mr. Burns in this episode. However, Hank Azaria was brought in and replaced Collins' as Moe. The producers at the time said that the performance itself was fine, but Collins was not the easiest person to work with.

His voice as Mr. Burns was left in the episode though, which marks a rare version of Burns without Harry Shearer voicing him.

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