10 Characters The Walking Dead Killed Off At The Wrong Time

The Walking Dead is understandably a show all about death, but sometimes the timing is a bit off!


The Walking Dead is known for its gory deaths sprinkled throughout the show. While they are used for shock value and to keep viewers hooked, many deaths serve the narrative in impactful ways. After all it would be unreasonable for all the characters to survive through a zombie apocalypse.

In fact some of the best and most memorable moments in the show all revolve around death and murder, be it Shane forcing Rick to kill him or Hershel having his head lopped off by The Governor in front of the other survivors. A good, well-timed death can be the perfect bittersweet ending to a character and stops them from losing their appeal or growing stale.

However there are some deaths in the show which could've been placed a bit better. Some people died way too early, many just as their story was starting to get interesting, while other characters could've exited the show with a well executed death but instead ended up sticking around for too long. There really is nothing worse than getting excited for where a story might take someone, then having all your hopes stomped out as they're killed off.


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