10 Classic Doctor Who Absurdities New Fans Won’t Believe

7. A Huge Chunk Of The Universe Is Destroyed

Recent seasons of Doctor Who have seen the entirety of reality under threat as part of the final episodes, whether it€™s Davros and his reality bomb or the stars winking out as The Great Intelligence unbinds the Doctor€™s life. Events as staggering as these always seem to come with a reset button; some deus ex machina to undo all the damage. So it might come as a surprise for newer fans to learn that in Logopolis, the serial that both rounded out a season and bade goodbye to Tom Baker, a fair chunk of the universe does actually get turned to dust €“ including Traken, homeworld of companion Nyssa €“ and there€™s nobody left to put it back together again. Logopolis is a strange and rather meandering escapade €“ two of its fourpart are spent with the Doctor trying to measure a real police box that turns out to be the Master€™s own TARDIS, while the Master lurks around laughing at nothing and then running away. Eventually, the Master tries to hold Logopolis to ransom and accidentally unleashes the apocalyptic wave of entropy it was controlling - wiping out trillions of alien civilisations. Even he looks a bit nonplussed. As insane as the episode€™s death count is, there€™s a lovely bit of bonus silliness €“ in one scene, technical limitations wouldn€™t let the Tom Baker and Anthony Ainley appear together, so the Master is literally a cardboard standee in the background. It€™s easier to spot on a modern TV, but it€™s baffling how the producers thought no-one would notice. Perhaps it€™s one Ainley had made himself?
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