10 Comic Book Characters Who Were Better On TV Than In Movies

The big screen isn't always the be-all and end-all.

Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

These days, starring in a feature film is considered just about the greatest badge of honor a comic book character can receive. After all, who doesn't want to see their favorite superhero (or supervillain) tearing it up on the big screen? But when a popular superhero lands a television show, it isn't considered quite as big a deal. But it should be, as there are plenty of instances of these characters actually being better served on TV than they are on film.

While movies obviously tend to have larger budgets for better visuals and bigger stars, TV shows actually have the edge creatively. After all, while movies have to cram narratives, set pieces and character development into a two-hour period, TV projects get to take their time, crafting stories and character arcs that can potentially last months, if not years.

TV also gives comic characters who previously flopped on the big screen a second chance at success. With less studio interference and more creative freedom, shows of this nature are able to take characters that didn't necessarily land with the general public and allow them to appeal to a more niche audience.

There's no denying the big screen is home to more than a few definitive portrayals of comic book characters when compared to TV, from Christopher Reeve's Superman to Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman to Wesley Snipes' Blade. Sometimes, however, the small screen simply does it better.

10. Blink

Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

The Marvel mutant Blink - perhaps best known for her role as leader of the Exiles - made her cinematic debut in what is arguably 20th Century Fox's best X-Men film, 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Fan Bingbing.

Make no mistake, Blink's appearance in Days of Future Past wasn't bad by any means. That said, it wasn't necessarily something to write home about either. While Fan's Blink had a good look and her powers got a nice showcase early in the film, she - like many other characters - decidedly took a backseat once Wolverine's journey back to 1970s began, only popping up again during the movie's climax.

In comparison, a younger version of Blink featured on the Fox television series The Gifted was given a lot more to do. This time Played by Jamie Chung, Blink was one of the show's key characters, appearing in all 29 episodes. Across the show's two seasons, we got deeper insight into her backstory and snarky personality, as well as the personal connection she has to her powers of teleportation.

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