10 Comic Books With Awesome Animated TV Shows You Forgot Existed

Who knew there was a Swamp Thing animated spin-off?

Swamp Thing
DC Comics

The late 1980s and early 1990s was a glorious time for comic books and cartoons alike.

Saturdays were spent watching cartoons on bright technicolour TV screens and taking trips to the local newsagent for a fresh fix of comic book action and adventure.

Life was simple then. There was no internet. No multitude of TV channels. No worries. A misspent youth for many in those days usually involved a few too many hours in front of the television – but it had its benefits.

All that time spent in front of the set has proven invaluable when it comes to identifying some of the lesser known and unfairly overlooked cartoon adaptations of the familiar comic books of the day.

Shows that came, saw and rarely conquered - but remain well worth seeking out if you happen to be an avid fan of the source material. Often cancelled before their time, these shows feature striking animation techniques, a surprisingly large dollop of humour and just general charm, for good measure.

Some of these, fans will know. Others, they may well have forgotten. A few, however, will be entirely new discoveries to even the most ardent of comic book enthusiast.

A heady trip down memory lane to many a lost Saturday morning, get ready to feel nostalgic for something you never even knew existed.

10. Tales from the Cryptkeeper

Swamp Thing
EC Comics

Tales from the Cryptkeeper was one of several spin-offs inspired by the iconic 1950s EC Comics series Tales from the Crypt.

Unlike the live action television series which aired on HBO, or the two movies made off the back of the comic book franchise, the cartoon series was aimed squarely at kids.

It still presented spooky goings-on, just with all of the blood and gore removed – which was just as well because Tales from the Cryptkeeper was surprisingly scary for an animated show.

Each episode followed a familiar format with the comic book’s famed Cryptkeeper introducing a horror story that included a particular moral lesson.

These stories varied wildly meaning that, as with other kids’ horror anthology shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? The series was capable of springing a few surprises with an unsettling premise or two.

In one memorable episode, a pair of brothers torment ants at a picnic, only to find themselves shrunk down to insect size by a mysterious ray, before facing trial for their crimes.

Funny, clever and often directly inspired by stories published in the original comic, Tales from the Cryptkeeper ran for three seasons and 39 episodes, most of which are worth seeking out.

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