10 Confusing Game Of Thrones Moments Nobody Understands

8. Daenerys Ruling Meereen


Daenerys Targaryen is a fan favourite Game Of Thrones, and why not? She's one of the few characters on a notoriously bleak show that tries to do the right thing, and might actually be a good and just ruler if she ever gets to sit on the Iron Throne. Also, she has dragons.

Her quest to take back the throne that she believes is her birthright has only gone as far as Essos to date, way across the sea from where she plans to end up. During her time liberating far flung cities, she spent a long time in Meereen, ruling the city from its Great Pyramid.

This is how she spent most of the most recent season, listening to requests from her subjects, settling disputes and generally just being Judge Judy inside a pyramid. Could she not have left one of her trusted advisers to rule in her stead and continued her march to the Iron Throne? She commands dragons, and yet locked them away to be queen of a backwater city no one cares about. Surely a head-scratching decision.


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