10 Most Controversial American Dad Episodes (So Far)

10. Pulling Double Booty - S4E06

Imagine your parent works at the CIA. Now imagine they have a body double for life-threatening missions etc. Now imagine being sexually attracted to them. Sick right? Well that didn't stop American Dad writers from basing a whole episode around it. The way the moment pictured above is set up, the viewers are made to think it is Stan and Hayley as we have not yet been introduced to Bill, Stan's double. Francine approaches Hayley's bedroom and accidentally eavesdrops on the incestuous couple making out on her bed. She soon passes out from shock before we're relieved to learn that it is Bill after Hayley objects to him talking like her dad. The next scene we see is her downstairs scolding the real Stan (how she got there and ignored what was going on in the bedroom is a bit confusing). The writers walk a really fine line with their wordplay as Stan defends himself (thinking Francine is talking about cookie dough) saying he couldn't help himself because 'it's so sweet and tempting' and Roger admits that he has 'stuck his fingers in there too'. Francine ends up throwing up in the popcorn before it's revealed that Hayley is with Bill and not Stan, although this is not much relief. Only Francine thinks of it as disgusting, while Stan thinks it's the perfect arrangement. But as if this wasn't quite creepy enough, they take it that bit further. When Bill makes a move on Francine and Stan bans him from their lives, Stan has to pretend to be Bill in order to get Hayley to dump him. He ends up taking her on a weekend away where Hayley intends to have sex with him. What follows is some rather disturbing exchanges between them given that they are father and daughter climaxing with Hayley's suggestion that she has sex with the waitress while Stan watches. Eventually Hayley finds out it is Stan, thank god, and nothing happens between them but that doesn't really save this episode from inducing shudders in viewers everywhere.
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