10 Coolest Swords In Anime

9. Zangetsu (Bleach)

Dracule Mihawk

One of the most recognizable swords in anime history, so it must seem weird that it's this low on the list, but hear me out.

Zangetsu is an awesome weapon, with a striking design, devastating power, and interesting lore behind it (the sword is literally forged from Ichigo's darkest, most repressed thoughts). But, this is a list about ANIME weapons, and sadly the Bleach anime was cut short. Now, thankfully the anime lasted a long as hell time before this happened, so Zangetsu beat out the much cooler Eisenmeteor from Rave Master simply due to it having lasted longer than the Rave Master anime, and thus the powers of Zangetsu were further explored.

The sword's design reflects Ichigo's approach to combat: simple but devastating. It doesn't even have a proper hilt, instead being essentially a gigantic butcher knife with some bandages wrapped around the bottom. But when Ichigo activates his bankai, that all changes. The more traditional, obsidian katana that Zangetsu turns into reflects Ichigo's more focused, experienced status, and allows him to pull off his destructive antics with blinding speed.

Lambasted as Bleach may be today, this is one sword we couldn't leave off the list.

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