10 Coolest Weapons In The Arrowverse

From The Flash, to Arrow, Supergirl and beyond, here are the coolest Arrowverse weapons...

The Flash Bazooka
The CW

The Arrowverse has spanned for nearly a decade now, consisting of seven television series and two web series. The CW's universe of DC superheroes features big names such as Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Batwoman, with the universe adding Superman and Lois to its list of hit shows shortly.

In this time, the Arrowverse has managed to introduce a number of powerful characters and comic book influenced weapons that fans thought they would never see appear in the live action format. With the universe featuring powerful minds such as Cisco Ramon and Felicity Smoak, viewers have witnessed some incredibly powerful and cool weapons over the years.

From weapons used as a one time plot device to defeat enemies to ancient artifacts, there is no shortage of cool weapons that have been utilised by the cast of characters.

There have been weapons that have had a major impact on the storyline of a particular series, while there are also weapons that have affected the Arrowverse as a whole, such as the Book of Destiny. There are also weapons that are just cool due to their comic book roots, such as the Lexosuit, but all are worth discussing in one form or another...

10. Kryptonite Arrows

The Flash Bazooka
The CW

Okay, everyone needs to admit that they loved it when they saw the kryptonite arrows in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. I mean, it was a total Green Arrow move to have kryptonite arrows "just in case."

The kryptonite arrows were utilised during the crossover when the Nazi version of Kara Danvers (Overgirl) is affected by an arrow shot at her by Green Arrow. When quizzed about having the arrow by Supergirl, Oliver simply replies, "in case an evil you ever showed up!"

While that may not be the only reason (as Oliver showed his distrust towards Kara during Invasion), it is pretty amazing that Green Arrow had a kryptonite arrow due to the fact that Superman and Supergirl did not exist on Earth-1.

Regardless, the arrow is a cool call-back to the classic comic series by Frank Miller, The Dark Knight Returns, where a one armed Oliver Queen uses a kryptonite arrow against Superman during his fight with Batman. It also showcases Oliver's paranoia towards super powered beings, and how cautious he can be.

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