10 Coolest Weapons In The Arrowverse

9. Totems Of Zambesi

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The Totems of Zambesi are some of the strongest weapons in the Arrowverse, and were a major plot point of Season 3 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

These six totems (air, spirit, water, fire, earth and death) grant the wielders elemental abilities, and can be quite powerful both alone and when put together. The most commonly featured totems are the Air Totem which was used by Zari and the Spirit Totem being worn by multiple incarnations of Vixen.

The Totems are more powerful than just providing elemental abilities to their user, as they are all linked to each other, and can create special bonds with the totem bearer. These connections can make it very difficult for the totem bearers to have their totems removed if they have created this bond.

Connections between the six totems allow the bearers to communicate with each other and become aware when someone who is wielding the totem passes away. Their connection can also be used to create a being of pure light to vanquish dark foes, with the Legends banding all six totems together to create a giant Beebo in order to defeat Mallus.

Truly, the totems are some of the most powerful and cool weapons out there.

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