10 Craziest Fan Theories About Family Guy

Are all of Peter's crazy shenanigans funded by Stewie's secret modelling career?

With over two hundred episodes worth of stories told, and more to come still, fans have had plenty of time to fully immerse themselves in Family Guy's eccentric universe. But despite watching thirteen seasons of zany antics and wacky characters, there have generally been little to no explanations as to why things are the very weird way they are in Quahog. In order to explain a few outstanding issues and to make sense of the show's heightened universe in which humanoid animals exist, talking babies are the norm, and time-travel is possible, fans have put on their tin-foil hats in an effort to infuse some logical explanations as to why Family Guy is, well, Family Guy. Some theories are stupid, some are good, and some are just plain crazy. Here are ten creative fan theories that attempt to explain the nuances and logic behind one of animated TV's longest-running, and craziest, families.

10. Brian Was Once A Human Who Had His Brain Inserted Into A Dog

Family Guy has never really explained the reasons behind Brian's intelligence, his mannerisms, and how he is equally comfortable with licking his genitals one minute before immediately flipping a switch and enjoying a book with a nice glass of wine. Well, one prevailing fan theory is that Brian was actually once a human who had his brain inserted into a dog's body. It has been established that Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show all occupy the same wacky universe. It has also been established that Klaus the goldfish in American Dad is actually a a German Olympic athlete who had his brain implanted into the body of a goldfish by the CIA. By connecting a few imaginary dots, fans have deduced that Brian must have also been subjected to the CIA's old brain switcharoo. This would explain the reason why Brian was the only one in his litter who acts like a human whilst the rest are just mere dogs. This crazy theory does have a flaw in that Brian isn't the only animal in the show with human characteristics. However, this is usually explained by the next crazy fan theory...
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