10 Craziest Fan Theories About Family Guy

9. Humanoid Animals, Including Brian, Are All Due To CIA Experiments

This theory takes everything outlined in the previous entry and expands it to include every humanoid animal that exists in the Family Guy universe. Some fans are convinced that since the CIA is able to successfully transplant brains into animals, all humanoid animals in Family Guy must be the result of some messed-up CIA experiment. Bascially, the CIA take the brains of potential troublesome human subjects and insert them into an animal fetus whose brain isn't developed enough hold the human subject's memories. Since it is shown that Klaus the goldfish and Brian are considerably intelligent beings who could potentially pose problems for the CIA (Klaus can beat the USA in the Olympics for skiing, Brian is a hardcore liberal), this brain-swapping program is a loophole in which potential threats and problems are dispelled without the use of lethal force. This CIA program has been so widely used that it is presumed that humanoid animals are just part of everyday life and are no different from the average human. As crazy as it sounds, the theory does sort of make sense. Something has to be up when no one bats an eyelid at a dog having a relationship with a human woman or when a man and a giant chicken get into a massive fight that causes widespread destruction everywhere.
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